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World’s Leading Blockchain Minds and PE/VC Investors Gather in Singapore for De/Centralize 2018

The world’s leading minds in blockchain today met with venture capitalists, investors, and government regulators to explore the interplay of decentralization and centralization in technology and the economy at the De/Centralize 2018 conference.

Taking place at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, on 5-6 April 2018, De/Centralize 2018 is Singapore’s premier blockchain conference which deliberates the revolutionary themes in the ongoing blockchain evolution: capital raising, decentralized applications, legal and regulatory issues and the growth of the cryptoasset ecosystem. The conference will also see discussions surrounding the opportunities and challenges faced by blockchain – one of the fastest growing technologies finding its application among businesses.

The first day of the conference witnessed leading investors such as Draper Associates, Athena Capital and SeedPlus joining global blockchain leaders from blocks, ZPX,1kx and Joseph Poon (of Lightning Network and Ethereum Plasma fame) alongside Singapore’s SGInnovate share their thoughts on the future of the blockchain and its commercial viability for both Singaporean and global businesses.

Timothy Draper, the driving force behind Silicon Valley-based, premier early-stage venture capital firm Draper Associates, joined via teleconference to deliver an opening address where he explained that, as today’s governments are racing to digitally optimize their safety and insurance procedures, the blockchain can be the “perfect bureaucrat”.

“It’s your pension, your welfare, your social security and your worker’s compensation – everyone can be treated fairly. You don’t have the speedbumps that are created by humans who use the power of saying ‘no’ to people in business who are trying to make interesting things happen”.

He also noted that the rise in ICOs has changed the landscape of funding from venture capitals (VCs); which he says are reputed for providing bad service at a high cost. “ICOs are starting to change all that – they are making it so that the entrepreneur can go right to the investor”. Nevertheless, he encouraged VCs to invest more into ICOs, but to do so by helping foster societal transformation and to align themselves as closely as possible with the entrepreneurs conducting the offerings.

Other key speakers on the conference’s opening day included Kenneth Bok – the founder of Singapore-based start-up blocks which researches the blockchain ecosystem and is co- organizing De/Centralize 2018. He kicked off the event by giving opening remarks on the need to examine the role of decentralization and centralization in today’s economy.

He was then followed by Meltem Demirors, founder of the Athena Capital private equity firm whose clientele includes high-net worth individuals and families, who gave the conference’s keynote address. During her speech, Demirors spoke of the possible future of blockchain along with concerns from competing protocols and networks.

Later, Steve Leonard – CEO of the Singapore government’s venture capital arm SGInnovate – delivered his opening address which touched on the transformative power of the blockchain, particularly within the public sector.

Aditya Mishra, Co-Founder and COO of Zenprivex (ZPX), which is also a co-organizer of De/Centralize 2018, stated that cryptocurrencies are on track to becoming a trillion-dollar asset class. “Our focus for De/Centralize is on the macro-economic ideas around the foundational cryptocurrency technology, rather than on the speculative nature of such currencies”, said Aditya.

“To this end, we’re extremely proud to have brought together some of the world’s most renowned investors, regulators, and blockchain thought leaders to Singapore – which we aim to help further its presence on the global FinTech and blockchain map.”

According to McKinsey, blockchain technology could revolutionize the world’s economy, which is now being driven by innovation around privacy protection and business process optimization. Meanwhile, global research firm IDC projected that global spending on blockchain solutions will rise from US$945 million in 2017 to US$2.1 billion in 2018. Key drivers of growth include the finance, logistics, retail, professional services – all of which form crucial pillars of Singapore’s global competitiveness.

Singapore has also been named by a PwC Strategy report as one of the world’s leading initial coin offering (ICO) hubs, alongside the likes of Switzerland. In partnership with SGInnovate, De/Centralize 2018 will develop and enhance the blockchain community in Southeast Asia; generating a curated dialogue around the blockchain, protocol-level development and the decentralized web.

About De/Centralize 2018

De/Centralize is Singapore’s premier blockchain conference bringing the decentralization zeitgeist to the city’s economic and financial landscape. Through De/Centralize 2018, which is to be held from 5th to 6th April 2018 at Marina Bay Sands, we bring together technologists, regulators, leaders, and investors to participate in this ongoing global revolution. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook at

About SGInnovate

SGInnovate believes that Singapore has all the resources and capabilities  needed  to  tackle ‘hard problems’ that matter to people around the world. As part of its Deep Tech Nexus Strategy, SGInnovate is focused on adding tangible value to the Singapore deep tech start- up ecosystem in two key areas – development of Human Capital and deployment of Investment Capital. With the support of its partners and co-investors, SGInnovate backs deeply-technical founders through equity-based investments, access to talent, and support in building customer traction. Its efforts are prioritised around transformational technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and MedTech, which represent impactful and scalable answers to global challenges. SGInnovate is a private-limited company wholly owned by the Singapore Government. For more information, please visit

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