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What are some things about India that foreigners don’t believe until they come to India?

I travelled 7000km on motorcycles, trains, planes, and cars in 30 days throughout India. Here are a few I noticed from other “gringos” and travelers:

  • # of Indian Movies made each day. —3 per day in Bollywood last time I checked.
  • Guns- Indian Police officers rock standard issue AK-47’s, Vz.58’s, AKM’s, INSAS rifles, Bren Guns, 9mm Browning pistols, Glock 17’s. Around major sites like Mumbai I counted numerous H&K MP5’s, Brugger and Thomas MP9’s, M4A2 Carbines, and more AK47’s. Not sure if these guys were cops, but something between cops and a SWAT force.

  • The lack of Human Systems- waste disposal, water purification, cold storage for food distribution, AC systems for buildings, organizational structure. Although with the arrival of American companies comes the culture and structure.

  • Motorcycles – Everywhere.
  • Zoning- Often times foreigners see the symptoms of zoning with extremely crowded streets, intersections, and office spaces. Food carts, people, shanty food shacks.


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Kumar Thangudu

Kumar Thangudu is a silicon valley marketer and former engineer. He lives and works in SF and likes to write about macro-issues. You can follow him @datarade or on quora or read his writings at