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Italy Pen maker offers discount to limited editions Bitcoin and Ethereum Pens

Promotion of digital coins is reaching a different scale. Now, an Italian firm, Ancora1919, indicated that it would soon start accepting pre-production orders for virtual currencies. This is termed as a limited edition one and restricted to bitcoin and ethereum pens only. This demonstrates that the European countries continue to view the cryptocurrencies as a viable one besides encouraging its association. However, that does not mean that it will remain silent to any fraudulent elements taking advantage of the current boom in the digital currency market. The region is also tightening its rules.

Offers A Discount

Ancora1919 indicated that the number of ethereum pens would be restricted to only 888 rollerball pens. This apart, there would be 88 fountain pens with ethereum meant for limited edition sale. The company has already come out with its intention of producing pens with bitcoins. These pens would be sold with the help of a model that is reminiscent of a token sale. The company indicated that customers would be allowed a 50 percent discount from the retail prices during the pre-production phase.

The Italian firm disclosed that its pre-production order has already commenced on April 8 and would run for a maximum of one month to end on May 8, reported. The price of such rollerball pen would be about $1,000 while the fountain pen is priced at $1,250. This pricing is available only until May 8 and will be increased after the pre-production phase.

That would mean that rollerball pen would be priced at $1,250 during the production stage, i.e., between May 12 and 27. Similarly, the prices of fountain pen would hit a high of $1,500. This would increase further from July 1 when ethereum pens would be sold at the retail place at a price of $2,250 and fountain pen at $2,500. The Italian firm disclosed that it was also ready to provide a limited number of pens for other cryptocurrencies in exchange. The company will make an announcement in June to this effect suggesting the process will keep going.

The ancora1919 website indicated that the maximum ethereum pens supply would be capped for all time, unlike ethereum. The key point is that the ethereum pens nib would cost about $18K.

Bitcoin Pens Sale

In December, the company conducted Bitcoin pens pre-production phase and offered a maximum discount of 60 percent initially. The current maximum limit offer of 50 percent suggested the favorable response to its first attempt. This is also one of the reasons making Ancora1919 to consider coming out with a similar plan for other virtual currencies.

As far as bitcoin pen for retail sales, the company indicated that it would commence from June. At that point in time, rollerball pens would cost $2,250 to customers. Similarly, fountain pens would be priced at $2,500. Currently, bitcoin pens are available in three variants, i.e., platinum, gold, and silver. The price of these pens is taken at a considerable price of one BTC is equal to about $7,700, 0.5 BTC to $3,850 and 0.25 to $1,925. There is also a question as to why the company has not priced at real bitcoin cash.

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