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HybridBlock Launch to Disrupt the Cryptocurrency Trading Ecosystem

HybridBlock is an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to disrupt the digital asset trading ecosystem for retail investors. The platform is designed for newbie retail investors, taking their first steps in the cryptocurrency markets. They blend e-learning with trading in a brand-new fashion, helping investors make profitable trades and create enviable portfolios.

HybridBlock is an alternative trading method for everyone who wants to profit off the unprecedented growth in cryptocurrency prices. Experts predict that the price of cryptos could reach new heights by the end of the year. However, complex concepts, advanced technical jargons and high risks associated with these assets present a great barrier to entry for new investors.

A new sun rises in the Asia Pacific

The Malta-based company takes Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), turns it into a simple and easily understandable learning module and presents it with amazing investing opportunities for the users. It is essentially ‘blockchain used for blockchain’ that caters to the needs of millions of retail investors.

The platform is coming up as one of the top players in the Asia-Pacific crypto space, aiming to bring more than 100 million new people into the blockchain network in just three years. They have developed a complete suite of services and highly effective trading tools. BaseTrade is designed for beginners, HybridExchange is designed for intermediate traders while HybridTerminal is designed for advanced users and professionals.

The most remarkable part of the suite is HybridCentral- the educational module that gamifies blockchain and cryptocurrency learning experience. It helps newbie investors in understanding the nuances of blockchain skills in a fun way and become a part of the global blockchain community.

A token that promises real-world value

The exclusive access to this blockchain brings about a revolutionary new token too. The Hybrid Tokens (HYB) are designed on a robust Ethereum blockchain and plays a crucial role in this distributed ledger framework. Owning these tokens will bring exclusive access to new services and products and enable users to work with discounted fees too. With this token, users can:

  • Get exclusive access to premium content on HybridAcademy and services in the network
  • Pay transaction fees on the network
  • Trade tokens on outside exchanges
  • Use the token as a payment unit for network transactions on HybridFX
  • Make monthly payments for all serviced on HybridExchange and HybridTerminal

Tokens stored in a new and advanced HybridWallet

An open source HybridWallet helps users in a transaction with Ethereum blockchain and the Hybrid Exchange (HFXs). The advanced wallet is highly secure and can be downloaded on the user’s cell phone for quick and easy access. It can be used to store, send, or receive the HybridTokens as well as a fiat currency in a safe and sustainable manner. The wallet is designed to store your crypto coins and act as an alternative bank account that lets you connect with users globally and send or receive funds instantly without paying hefty bank fees.

The world is short of genuine distributed ledger projects that transfer real-life value for the users. HybridBlock creates a positive feedback loop in the crypto economy. It uses blockchain to fuel crypto investments which in turn funds several credible projects and helps people earn a decent income too.

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