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HybridBlock aims to Overcome the Obstacles in the Cryptocurrency Market

Written by Suumit shah

Blockchain technology is beginning to revolutionize nearly every aspect of our daily life. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum are becoming household names. Many companies and stores have started to accept cryptos as an alternative payment method. The rise of cryptocurrencies is visible from the growth of over 1000% in 2017. However, the cryptocurrency market faces two major obstacles. Let’s see what these obstacles are and how HybridBlock is providing a solution to overcome them.

Obstacle 1: There is no streamlined, centralized education system for the consumers

Today, blockchain and cryptocurrency community interactions are spread across various websites and applications. In a market where news and rumors play a vital role, it is complicated to cope up with the widely spread content and interactions, taking place on multiple platforms. Also, the consumers face difficulties in understanding the various aspects of the cryptocurrency space.

HybridBlock’s solution

To overcome this obstacle, HybridBlock is educating the masses through its central education and community hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency communities called HybridCentral. It is useful to exchange, share and grow their understanding of the space. By creating a central hub for the community, HybridBlock is making it easy for millions of people to access these various portals from one central application.

Obstacle 2: There are multiple exchanges globally with varied pricing and liquidity

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges globally. However, no one exchange is the global leader. Liquidity and pricing vary significantly from one exchange to another. For instance, Korean exchanges traded at prices which were over 30% higher than many other exchanges (the reason for removal of Korean exchanges from the calculation of Prices of the cryptocurrencies by Coinmarketcap). There is a need for a user-friendly, secure and robust trading platform to buy, use, and sell cryptocurrencies with actually realized liquidity.

HybridBlock’s solution

Overcoming the second obstacle involves creating a globally linked exchange for cryptocurrencies that is fast, secure, and focused on a consumer-friendly experience. Hybridblock’s HybridExchange is the solution to this problem. By incorporating the order books from numerous regionally concentrated exchanges, HybridExchange’s trading engine will host a global order book that will offer the best pricing and highest levels of liquidity. Also, BaseTrade will be the first cryptocurrency trading platform to incorporate an online shopping cart. Users will experience the unmatched and never-seen-before ease and security of online retail shopping in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Often, the users don’t have access to other international exchanges. They need to have multiple wallets for each exchange. In order to provide the flexibility to the users, to access major global exchanges to trade at the most competitive pricing globally, HybridExchange interfaces with these numerous global exchanges. The company aims to focus on the problem that exists within the markets for non-major currency holders, by providing an entry point to liquidity path in the crypto market.

By tailoring education and trading platforms considering the newest members of the cryptocurrency community, while also developing more advanced features and capabilities for experts to execute highly technical trades, we aim to promote mass adoption across the globe by solving the major obstacles.

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